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I’m so addicted to Vibe Village! I love the concept or Word of Mouth - it has a lot of pull when running an ongoing successful Business!
Things to Do

How a Campaign works

Vibe Village campaigns allow you to get involved in new products and services. We match you with products and services based on what you tell us about yourself and your interests via a short survey. You’ll be part of a special group who’ll experience products you have an interest in, and then tell us and others about your experience.  You could even shape the future of products you love by providing valuable feedback.  Here’s the campaign process: 

  • Apply to a campaign that interests you from the campaigns page.
  • Once approved we’ll send you the details of the campaign.
  • Receive samples and try them out.
  • Have your say. Share your samples and opinions with others. Share your honest feedback with the company sponsoring the campaign.
  • Most importantly tell us about your conversations through our conversation reports.  Knowing what conversations are taking place and by who is important feedback we give our clients.

How will I be selected to participate in campaigns?

We look at two things to profile and select people for campaigns.  Firstly, our client the brand owner will guide us on the profile of the type of consumer they are looking to match with their brand. We work this out from your survey answers. Secondly, we look at your trust factor.  Your trust factor is a measure of how active you have been in previous programs in sharing and providing feedback.   This means that you will not be selected for all programs you apply for, however you have a greater chance the higher your trust factor.