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I am so loving Vibe Village it’s the best website i've been on!!
Things to Do

What is Expected of Me


What is expected of me?

We need you to be actively involved in the campaigns you apply for. It is easy enough to do, it means sharing your experience with your friends and with us.  The more active you are the higher your trust factor and the more chance you have of getting into more campaigns.



So how do I involve myself in campaigns?

  • Sample the exciting new products or services we send you.
  • Record your conversations you have about the product or service via our conversation reports.
  • Complete the 1 or 2 activities we set for each campaign; for example, submitting a product review and posting a photo to the campaign.
  • Share your opinion or information about the product with others; just a natural and unforced conversation you have with your neighbour or a text message to your aunt, or maybe a link you share with friends on Facebook or Twitter.

Is this about selling to friends? that what this is about?

No, we wouldn’t ask you to do that! We know that you’ll only have a discussion if you believe your friends will be thankful for receiving the information.  Or put another way they will welcome knowing about new stuff that they have an interest in.

That’s about it. Told you it was easy. And the more active you are, the more likely you’ll be of being approved for future campaigns.


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