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Vibe Village is a fantastic community to be a part of, with amazing opportunities
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Who are we?

We're real people, honest! We are a mixture of marketing and I.T. people that hang out in offices in Melbourne and Ballarat, Victoria.

We're bored of companies telling us what's so good about their products and services through a one way street (TV, billboards, magazines…), so we've turned this on its head. We give samples to people like you and ask you to share your opinion with your friends and with us, whether the feedback is positive or negative.

'You're crazy!' You say. 'Are not!' We say.

We're doing what humans have been doing since we learnt to communicate: learning about stuff from others we trust through word of mouth. We believe that a friend giving you feedback about something is very influential and valuable to you. The concept has been around for donkey's years, Vibe Village is a new way of putting it into action.

If you want to read more, visit our word of mouth marketing pages here.