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If you like to entertain friends, and create delicious meals without fuss, then this is the perfect Party for you!

Party Hosts will receive a party pack with MasterFoods Recipe Bases for you to cook up a storm for you and your friends and family. We will even include some samples for your friends to take home and experiment with for themselves!


To have an opportunity to be a Host for this MasterFoods Party all you need to do is:

  1. Sign up to Vibe Village
  2. Complete the MasterFoods survey so we can hear about the creative touches you’ll add to make the evening an enjoyable one.
  3. We will select 1000 Party Hosts
  4. Hosts pick a date for their Party (must be within week commencing 25th August)
  5. Hosts invite friends and family to their Party (minimum 2 registered guests at Vibe Village)
  6. Host and Guests enjoy their Party
  7. After the party hosts will be asked submit a brief report
  8. Feedback to us how the Party went by posting photos and videos of your party and writing comments on the forum.


The Party Pack – All 1000 Hosts will receive:

6 x MasterFoods Recipe Bases for you and your guests
1 x MasterFoods side dish
1 x MasterFoods ‘Inspiring Tastes’ recipe book

The MasterFoods Recipe Base range are created with a delicious combination of herbs and spices, and come in an easy to pour sealed foil pouch so that they will stay fresh in your cupboard. What’s more they are available in 19 great meal ideas!


1 x McWilliam’s Hanwood Estate 2007 Crisp Chardonnay

Crisp Chardonnay is a new style of Chardonnay, exhibiting the crisp and refreshing flavours that are sought by consumers in both chardonnay AND other white varietals.

McWilliam’s is leading the innovation in consumer relevant wine styles, and has launched the Crisp Chardonnay to provide a new reason for consumers to explore the Chardonnay varietal.


100 selected Party Hosts will receive:

1 x Sunbeam RC5600 Rice Perfect Deluxe

This is a Stainless 7 cup ’jar-style’ rice cooker with a sealed locking lid which traps the steam inside the vessel to produce 14 cups of fluffy, perfectly separate grains of rice.

To assist you in your Vibe Party, Vibe Village will provide each successful Party Host with their own personal Party Management page. A  Party Management page is your place to administer YOUR Party. With it you will be able to:

  1. Send Invitations to your friends for them to attend.
  2. Receive your RSVP's from your guests. 
  3. Establish a discussion forum with your Guests (discuss how you will all get involved in your Masterfoods Party).
  4. Post photos and videos of your Party preparations.
  5. Post photos and videos of how you have used and enjoyed the Masterfoods products provided for your Vibe Party.

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Applications Closed

Applications for this Campaign have now closed.

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