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What is Otrivin Saline Baby?

Otrivin Saline Baby is the gentle, hygienic and effective way to
help unblock your baby's delicate nose. In times when your baby
has a blocked nose due to a cold, flu, sinusitis or an allergy and
needs a little help to breathe more freely, Otrivin Saline Baby
will help to give your baby much needed relief.

What makes Otrvin Saline Baby the natural choice?

Otrivin Saline Baby is the first and only sterile, preservative-free
single use saline solution that will help your baby breathe easy.
It's Preservative Free
A saline solution, that's gentle,
so it can be used as often as
It's Hygienic
Single-use vials of sterile
saline solution, ideal for when
treating more than one bay.
It's Convenient
Otrivin Saline Baby comes
in easy-to-use, portable
drop vials
Otrivin Saline Baby contains Sodium Chioride 7.4mg/ml per 5ml vial. For the relief of nasal congestion. Always read the label
and use only as directed. Consult your pharmacist if your symptoms persist. Novartis Consumer Health Australasia Pty Ltd.
Australasia ABN. 46 004 535 513. ®Registered Trademark.


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