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100 Chocolate Sampler Packs

If you love Chocolate,Turkish Delight andMarshmallow, then this is the program for you!

Vibe Village are GIVING AWAY 100 UNIQUE SAMPLER PACKS to 100 lucky Vibers who complete the Springhill Farm survey! (Hint: Click on the link to the Springhill Farm website as this will help you answer the questions.) To be a part of this program is as simply as:

  1. Sign up to Vibe Village
  2. Complete the Springhill Farm survey
  3. We will select 100 Springhill Vibe Agents
  4. Vibe Agents share with friends & colleagues and complete Vibe Agent reports 

The delicious sampler pack we are giving away will include:

1x mini Rocks
1x Chocolate Oat Bite
1x Lemon Bite
1x g’free Bite (gluten free)

Don't forget to tell all your friends and complete Vibe Agent reports with us!
We want you to know that all your personal information stays within Vibe Village and we don't on-sell it. See our privacy policy for further details.


You may also like to join the Springhill VIP club which gives you sneak peaks of new product launches, discounts and freebies when you order online.

More information on the history of Springhill Farm below

Springhill is a family owned and operated business which has been baking for over 20 years. Springhill originated on a sheep and grain farming property near Bacchus Marsh, where the Barber family had farmed for two generations.

Springhill Farm hosted kindergarten and school children for a country experience, where they would feed the animals, watch sheep being shorn and ride the horses. The crops and grains growing were pivotal to this experience as the children collected stalks of oats, observed, tasted and smelt the grain being transferred into flour. The Muesli slice was their final taste of the country before heading home.

As Springhill grew, it moved off the farm and into the corner of a waffle factory. It outgrew this space and has had two subsequent moves in Ballarat, each time due to space limitations. In July 2006 they moved to new, purpose-built facilities which has allowed them to expand their production capabilities and move into the next phase of Springhill!

Springhill's commitment and passion for their product continue to see them as a market leader. They are very excited about their future, and will continue to strive for excellence in this niche market.


Applications Closed

Applications for this Campaign have now closed.

Don't despair however - you can still participate in the campaign!

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