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Mentos® is inviting Vibe Villagers to try their new Mentos® Blast Chewing Gum.

Vibe Agents for this program receive a Vibe Blast Pack from Mentos®. Each Vibe Agent Blast Pack includes FREE samples of Mentos® Blast chewing gum - some for you and of course some for you to share with your friends. 

It's easy to participate:

  1. Sign up to Vibe Village
  2. Complete the Mentos® survey
  3. We will select 5000 Mentos® Vibe Agents
  4. Vibe Agents share with friends & colleagues and complete Vibe Agent reports

Mentos® Blast liquid filled gum is a global product innovation that delivers a burst of flavour for a great taste sensation. The product comes in 2 unique flavours:

  • Berry Lime (a berry flavoured gum with a juicy lime liquid centre), and
  • Sweet Strong Mint (a peppermint flavoured gum with a spearmint liquid centre)

The Best Agent in this program will receive his/her height in Mentos®! To be in with an opportunity simply share with your friends and complete Agent reports.

This one will have lots of interest so hurry as stocks are limited!

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Applications Closed

Applications for this Campaign have now closed.

Don't despair however - you can still participate in the campaign!

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