Vibe Village - Where your word makes a difference!

Kodak has engaged the services of Vibe Village to bring you a fantasitc opportunity. 

Program in brief: 

Stage one - 'Video Vibe Agents': Post your own video clip using your current video recording equipment (mobile phones etc.)

Stage two - 'Kodak Zi6 Agents': Based on your video we will select 1 of 45 Zi6 Vibe Agents who will post a video clip with their Kodak Zi6 Pocket Video Camera.

This offer is exclusive to Vibe Agents as it will not be released to the general public in Australia!

Program in detail:

  • Sign up to Vibe Village if you are not already a member 
  • Then complete the survey by clicking the 'Join in now' button
  • We will select people to become a Video Vibe Agent and create their own exciting and fun short video clip around a theme that we will provide, using their own video recording equipment (mobile phones, camcorder, etc) 
  • Next Video Vibe Agents are requested to upload their video clips onto their Vibe Agent page within Vibe Village
  • Then Agents tell their friends and family members to visit their Vibe Agent page and view and rate their Video clip. (Each Vibe Agent page has its own unique web address that you can send to your friends) 
  • Vibe Village and Kodak will then select 45 of the best video clips (based on the number of views and ratings) who will then become Kodak Zi6 Agents 
  • These 45 Kodak Zi6 Agents will be sent one FREE Kodak Zi6 Pocket Video Camera
  • The 45 Kodak Zi6 Agents will be given one theme around which to create a short video clip which they are to load to their Vibe Agent page
  • Again these Kodak Zi6 Agents are encouraged to tell family, friends and collegues to view and rate their video clips on Vibe Village
  • Finally, based on the number of views and ratings, the Top 20 Kodak Zi6 Agents will receive the all new, yet to be released, Kodak Zx1 Pocket Video Camera valued at approximately $300
  • REMEMBER you need to have your own video recording device to be able to complete Stage 1 of this Vibe Agent Program!
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Applications for this Campaign have now closed.

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