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Blackmores and Vibe Village are inviting you to be 1 of 1000 parents around Australia to get together with other parents and their children and learn about the NEW Blackmores Children’s range. The Blackmores Children’s range has been designed specifically to help meet the needs of kids – fussy eating, immunity and brain development.

To have an opportunity to be a Host for this Blackmores Nothing but Natural Party all you need to do is:

1. Join Vibe Village - it’s free!

2. Complete the Blackmores survey.

3. Get selected as 1 of 1000 Party Hosts.

4. Nominate a date between 7th April and 10th May (inclusive) to host your Party.

5. Invite a minimum of 3 confirmed guests. Please note you will be initially approved for the Party by Vibe Village, and the first 1000 people to get their guests will be confirmed.

6. Host your Party!

7. Let us know how it all went:

        -   Post photos, videos and write blog comments on your Party Management Page.

-   Write 'Conversation Reports' detailing every time you ‘Share the Vibe’ about Blackmores. For every 3 ‘Conversation Reports’ completed by Hosts for the Blackmores’ Nothing but Natural Party by 7th June 2009, we will donate $1 (one dollar) to the Children's Hospital Foundations Australia charity, to the maximum accumulative value of $2500 (two and a half thousand dollars). The total donation will be made by us to Children’s Hospital Foundations Australia charity on 10th June 2009.

-   Complete the post trial survey which we will email you.


1.) Kids multi – 18 essential nutrients for kids who are fussy eaters


Blackmores kids multi ensures that your kids won’t miss out on the key nutrients they need for healthy growth and development. The great-tasting, easy-to-chew, strawberry vanilla-flavoured tablet is formulated with 18 essential nutrients to help supplement nutritional gaps that may result from fussy eating.

2.) Daycare defence – probiotic powder that may help reduce the frequency and severity of colds, and the duration of diarrhoea.


Blackmores daycare defence is a great-tasting, easy-to-dose, probiotic powder that helps support kids’ natural immune systems all year round. It may help reduce: the frequency and severity of colds; the duration and frequency of diarrhoea; and the number of days absent from daycare.

3.) Kids mineral minds – vitamins and minerals to help support healthy brain development and school performance.


Blackmores kids mineral minds can help ensure your kids get the minerals they need for healthy brain development and school performance. The great-tasting, strawberry flavoured chewable tablets are formulated with essential minerals such as iodine which is necessary for normal IQ development, magnesium for healthy muscle and nerve function, and zinc and iron to help support normal brain development, learning and concentration.

4.) Kids fruity fishies – concentrated fish oil for healthy brain development.


Blackmores kids fruity fishies are a great-tasting way to give your kids the omega-3s they may be missing out on, but which are vital from their healthy brain development. The fruit-flavoured, one-a-day formula was developed specifically for kids to support healthy brain development and may also play an important role in learning.

Benefits of Blackmores children’s range

1.) No artificial sweeteners

Blackmores kids products have been developed without artificial sweetners.

2.) Great tasting

The Blackmores range uses natural flavours that kids love like strawberry, vanilla, orange and raspberry.

3.) Kid-friendly products

Formulated as powder, chewable tablets or burstable capsules, Blackmores kids products are easy to take.

4.) Tooth friendly

Blackmores kids multi, mineral minds and fruity fishies are tooth friendly


1. Please ensure that children are supervised at all time when consuming Blackmores products.
2. Always read the label. Use only as directed. Vitamin supplements should not replace a balanced diet. If symptoms persist, see your healthcare professional.

Madame Flavour Infuser Pods

English Breakfast

Ever since a canny Scottish tea master gave this blend pride of place on the breakfast table, English Breakfast has become one of the world’s most loved blends with its comforting aroma of warm toast and honey.

Madame Flavour’s English Breakfast is a special blend of rich malty Assam loose leaves with elegant teas sourced from the organic Needwood Estate, and Ceciliyan Estate in Sri Lanka.

For more information on the full range of Madame Flavour Infuser Pods go to


Children’s Hospital Foundations Australia

The Children’s Hospital Foundations Australia provide research, equipment, education, entertainment, patient and family support services for sick and injured children.

There are five major children’s hospital foundations (QLD, VIC, NSW, SA and WA) working together as Children’s Hospital Foundations Australia to raise funds nationally. The funds raised nationally are shared equally between the partners and go to the area of greatest need within each state.

They are working together towards excellence in child health – helping sick children get better, faster, and preventing childhood illness and disease. Every donation helps make a difference to the health and well-being of children all around Australia. Each day, these hospitals treat or admit over 3000 children.

For every 3 ‘Conversation Reports’ completed by Hosts for the Blackmores’ Nothing but Natural Party by 7th June 2009, we will donate $1 (one dollar) to the Children's Hospital Foundations Australia charity, to the maximum accumulative value of $2500 (two and a half thousand dollars). The total donation will be made by us to Children’s Hospital Foundations Australia charity on 10th June 2009. So go on Party Hosts, do your best to help raise funds!

Click here to find out some of the ways the money raised could help:


"20 years ago, the survival rate for children with the most common form of leukaemia was around 20%. Today, thanks to people donating to research, the survival rate is around 80%. Discovering new treatments and cures for childhood illnesses takes time, knowledge and initiative. Approximately $30 will pay for one hour of a researcher’s time. Every hour gets us closer to a cure."


"Music therapy is adaptable to any child, no matter how sick, disabled and regardless of age. This powerful distraction therapy assists many children on the road to physical and emotional recovery. A music therapist engages that healthy part of the child to help him/her cope with the illness, disorder, disease or other medical crisis which has caused them to be hospitalised. $40 provides one music therapy session for one child."


"Keeping well and healthy is more than just medical treatments and procedures. Children need to play and create, to discover and explore, to be kids. $50 can pay for a craft workshop presenter to visit the hospital for half a day to take children's minds off being sick or in pain."


"Each year thousands of volunteers provide millions of dollars worth of entertainment, administration and support services in our children’s hospitals. Co-ordinating a taskforce of unpaid helpers is an enormous job that costs approximately $30 per hour. A donation of $30 can make it possible for hundreds of volunteers to do another hour’s work and really make a difference to the lives of sick children and their families."

For more information go to 


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