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PImped, blinged, slammed, blown, riced, gassed, sprayed, ICE'd, tinted, rimmed and really, really hard to insure.

When you have spent thousands (of hours, of dollars and favours) on your car it comes as a shock when the insurance companies don’t want to know you. Just because you are 22 years old and driving a V8 with mag wheels and a sound system to die for they somehow seem to think that  you are an increased insurance risk.
At Tgarage we developed a radical new approach to custom car insurance - what if your insurance came with more than the fine print and rules?

Well we decided that an insurance company should love your car as much as you do so we rounded up the best car photographer in Australia (we aren’t kidding check out and offered select custom car insurance customers the opportunity to immortalise their car forever.

And it was something they could pass on to their friends and family.



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